Hi, my name is Morgan Consier! I blog here at my Little Home on the Iowa Prairie. Welcome!

I’m a mom to my 1-year-old son, Johannes, and wife to Garion. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to music, and learning about living simply, frugally, and liturgically.
As a new mom, I love learning how to give my son healthy foods and how to switch out products around our house to healthier versions. It’s amazing how many ingredients (and toxins) most conventional products have!
As a recent college graduate with my and my husband’s student loans to pay off with only one full-time income, I enjoy learning how to make the most of our money by living frugally.
This not only helps me feed my family nourishing foods without having a gigantic grocery budget, it also helps us pay off our students loans quicker. Once we have that debt paid off,  we can do things like moving to the country and raising our own animals.
While I grew up around lots of natural or “crunchy” people and ideas, I’ve had to learn a lot about how to apply those ideas as a mom on a budget. That’s why I started this blog: to show you that providing natural or organic products and food for your family doesn’t have to break the bank.
On this blog, I share how I live frugally and my attempts at giving my family the healthiest home I can. I also blog about living liturgically and different ways we can observe the church year in our homes, whether you’re Lutheran or not. If you have anything related to these topics you like me to cover, let me know through the form on my Contact Me page.
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Welcome, and I hope you enjoy it here at my little home on the Iowa prairie!