Reusable Paper Towels 3
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How to Get Rid of Paper Towels for Good [+ Cheap or Free Alternatives]

How can people live without paper towels? How is that possible? It can take a bit of getting used to at first, but once you’ve made the switch, you’ll won’t miss adding paper towels to your shopping list or your trash can. What are unpaper towels? Simply put, “unpaper towels” are pieces of cloth that …

How to Reduce Waste in Your Home 2
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How to Reduce Waste in Your Home [And Why You’d Want To]

If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve probably heard about topics like “how to go zero waste” or “reusable alternatives to…”. If so, you might be wondering why someone would want to do such a thing or what the benefits of it are. Today I’m going to answer common question about reducing waste, since that is a …

Affordable Organic Produce 2
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Where to Find Affordable Organic Produce (and Tips for How to Get the Best Deal)

Since the previous post in this series covered how to save money on grass-fed organic meat, today we’re going to focus on fruits and vegetables!  These are my favorite places to find affordable organic produce (or just produce in general) at the best prices. Where to Find Affordable Organic Produce While some farmers or stores …